The Verb + –ing used as an Adjective

By | April 14, 2019

The Verb + –ing used as an Adjective

The Verb + –ing used as an Adjective

The Verb + –ing used as an Adjective

The verb ending in –ing can be utilized as an adjective to change a noun.

As an adjective, the verb + ing comes earlier than a noun.

  • We’re operating in need of cooking oil.
  • I’ve to get one other woodworking instrument.

Adjectives that finish in –ing do one in all this stuff.

 (a) The –ing adjective tells us that one thing remains to be happening.

  • What has grown to be of my lacking kitten?
  • Some international locations are experiencing a dwindling inhabitant resulting from very low delivery charges.
  • There are individuals who doubt the disappearing rain forest contributes to international warming.

  (b) The –ing adjective exhibits how one thing can have an effect on us.

  • It was a really tiring day on the office.
  • It’s superb that the college scholar is barely sixteen.
  • That noise he’s making is getting annoying.

 The verb + ing adjective can come after the next:

a serving to the verb

  • It was a disturbing dream I had the final evening.
  • It’s a polling day, as we speak.

an adverb

  • The film was very disappointing.
  • What she stated to him was intentionally insulting.

a possessive

  • We actually respect your serving to take advantage of the cows.
  • I am unable to perceive his behaving in an odd method at any time when there’s a full moon.
  • She has organized for our going over for a recreation of mahjong.v