Large Gift of Govt. Farmers, Rs 900 /- Monthly Assistance: Gujarat Budget 2020

Rupani government budget 2020 was introduced in the Gujarat assembly …
In the Gujarat Budget 2020, the government has made a huge provision of Rs 1 crore for the farmers and agricultural welfare of Gujarat … Large Gift of Govt. Farmers, Rs 900 / –

Rupani government introduces watery budget for farmers …

The Roopani government has announced to provide monthly subsistence cost of Rs 900 ie Rs.
Under this scheme, a provision of Rs. 5 crore has been made to cover an estimated 4.5 farmers.

With the assistance of Rs 900 per month per cow, the government has also made provision of Rs 50 crore for cultivation of cows.

Provision of Rs.50 crores for cultivation of cows

10,000 aid will be provided every year for cow based farming

The Gujarat government would

provide an assistance of Rs 900 per month to farmers who switch to “cow-based organic farming”, it said on Wednesday.

The announcement was made by Finance Minister Nitin Patel while presenting a Rs 2,17,287 crore budget for 2020-21.

The government intends to cover around 50,000 farmers under the scheme, he said.

Jano Budget 2020 ma kai kai navi yojna bahar padvama avel che vadhu janva mate ahi click karo

“In recent times, demand for natural farm products has increased because of the damage caused by excessive use of insecticides and fertilizers. To encourage cow-based organic farming, we are launching this scheme with a budget outlay of Rs 50 crore,” Patel said.

“A farmer shifting to such farming methods will be given an assistance of Rs 900 per month, that is, Rs 10,800 per year to rear cows,” the finance minister said.

“To avail of the scheme, farmers will be required to use cow dung-based manure and Jivamrut (a liquid fertilizer made from cow urine). It will not only help in improving the fertility of soil, but also give us organic grains and vegetables. It would also give us a chance to serve cows,” said Patel.

He also announced ‘Mukhya Mantri Crop Storage Scheme’, aimed at preventing crop loss due to unseasonal or excessive rain, cyclones, pests and other such reasons.

It provides for payment of Rs 30,000 to farmers for construction of storage facilities on farms. No ‘Non- Agricultural’ (NA) use clearance would be needed for constructing such warehouses.

The budget makes a provision of Rs 300 crore for this scheme, Patel said.

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