ICE Current Affairs PDF Download 2019-2018 (ICE Magic)

ICE Current Affairs PDF Download 2019-2018 (ICE Magic)

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ICE Current Affairs PDF Download 2019-2018 (ICE Magic)

ICE Current Affairs PDF Download : Institute For Competitive Exams Academy Rajkot Will Share Weekly PDF File For Current Affairs. Download Links For ICE Rajkot Current Affairs PDF File Will Be Added In This Posts. If You Are Doing Preparation For Competitive Exams Then Current Affairs Is Main Part. Most Of All Exam Have 20-40% Question From Current Affairs.

ICE Current Affairs PDF Will Be Shared Every Week And Most Of Students Read This Current Affairs. Just Because ICE Share Complete Package Of All Recent Event, Big Decision, Politics Related News, Big Announcement And All Other Activity From World. ICE Current Affairs PDF Is Available On Their Website And Telegram Channel, But Here We Come With All 2018 PDF In One Post.

Download ICE Magic PDF Latest

ICE Academy Rajkot Will Release Weekly Current Affairs PDF File Name As “ICE Magic”. They Started This Weekly Magazine Since January 2017. They Share This Magazine On Tuesday Of Every Week. thats why Here We Share Latest Updated ICE Magic PDF Download Links On Every Tuesday. also Subscribe Our Push Notification From Here, When We Publish New ICE Magic PDF, You Will Get Instant Notification. Also You Can Download Old Weekly ICE Magic PDF File From This Post. Just Click On Below Download Links And Downloading Will Be Start Automatically.

ICE Current Affairs PDF Download

Here Is All PDF File ICE Rajkot Current Affairs. Just Click On Download Link, It Will Redirect You On Google Drive. Save That PDF File In Your Mobile Or Google Drive. Not Only Latest ICE Magic Magazine PDF Available But Years PDF Available Here. Just Go And Download Them..

ICE Magic May 2019 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
 ICE MAGIC-19(05-05-19 TO 11-05-19)DOWNLOAD
ICE MAGIC-20(12-05-19 TO 18-05-19)DOWNLOAD
ICE MAGIC-21(19-05-19 TO 25-05-19)DOWNLOAD
ICE MAGIC-22(26-05-19 TO 01-06-19)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic April 2019 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
15-04-2019ICE MAGIC-15(07-04-19 TO 13-04-19)DOWNLOAD
24-04-2019ICE MAGIC-16(14-04-19 TO 20-04-19)DOWNLOAD
29-04-2019ICE MAGIC-17(14-04-19 TO 20-04-19)DOWNLOAD
06-05-2019ICE MAGIC-18(28-04-19 TO 04-05-19)DOWNLOAD

                                                     ICE Magic March 2019 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
12-03-2019ICE MAGIC-10(03-03-19 TO 09-03-19)DOWNLOAD
19-03-2019ICE MAGIC-11(10-03-19 TO 16-03-19)DOWNLOAD
26-03-2019ICE MAGIC-12(17-03-19 TO 25-03-19)DOWNLOAD
02-03-2019ICE MAGIC-13(24-03-19 To 30-03-10)DOWNLOAD
08-04-2019ICE MAGIC-14(31-03-19 To 06-04-10)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic February 2019 PDF Download

Release Date DescriptionDownload Link
07-03-2019ICE MAGIC-09(24-02-19 TO 02-03-19)DOWNLOAD
25-02-2019ICE MAGIC-08(17-02-19 TO 23-02-19)DOWNLOAD
18-02-2019ICE MAGIC-07(10-02-19 TO 16-02-19)DOWNLOAD
12-02-2019ICE MAGIC-06(03-02-19 TO 09-02-19)DOWNLOAD
ICE Magic January 2019 PDF Download
Release Date Description Download Link
05-02-2019ICE MAGIC-05 (27-01-19 TO 02-02-19)DOWNLOAD
28-01-2019ICE MAGIC-04 (20-01-19 TO 26-01-19)DOWNLOAD
21-01-2019ICE MAGIC-03 (13-01-19 TO 19-01-19)DOWNLOAD
15-01-2019ICE MAGIC-02 (06-01-19 TO 12-01-19)DOWNLOAD
09-01-2019ICE MAGIC-01 (01-01-19 TO 05-01-19)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic December 2018 PDF Download

Release Date Description Download Link
02-01-2019ICE MAGIC-52 (23-12-18 TO 31-12-18)DOWNLOAD
25-12-2018ICE MAGIC-51 (16-12-18 TO 22-12-18)DOWNLOAD
17-12-2018 ICE MAGIC-50 (09-12-18 TO 15-12-18)DOWNLOAD
10-12-2018ICE MAGIC-49 (02-12-18 TO 08-12-18)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic November 2018 PDF Download

Release Date Description     Download Link
03-12-2018ICE MAGIC-48 (25-11-18 TO 01-12-18)DOWNLOAD
29-11-2018ICE MAGIC-47 (18-11-18 TO 24-11-18)DOWNLOAD
20-11-2018ICE MAGIC-46 (11-11-2018 TO 17-11-2018)DOWNLOAD
15-11-2018ICE MAGIC-45 (04-11-2018 TO 10-11-2018)DOWNLOAD
04-11-2018ICE MAGIC-44 (28-10-2018 TO 03-11-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic October 2018 PDF Download

Release Date  Description  Download Link
30-10-2018ICE MAGIC-43 (21-10-2018 TO 27-10-2018)DOWNLOAD
23-10-2018ICE MAGIC-42 (14-10-2018 TO 20-10-2018)DOWNLOAD
16-10-2018ICE MAGIC-41 (07-10-2018 TO 13-10-2018)DOWNLOAD
09-10-2018ICE MAGIC-40 (30-09-2018 TO 06-10-2018)DOWNLOAD
01-10-2018 ICE MAGIC-39 (23-09-2018 TO 29-09-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic September 2018 PDF Download

Release Date    Description Download Link
24-09-2018ICE MAGIC-38 (16-09-2018 TO 22-09-2018)DOWNLOAD
19-09-2018 ICE MAGIC-37 (09-09-2018 TO 15-09-2018)DOWNLOAD
14-09-2018ICE MAGIC-36 (02-09-2018 TO 08-09-2018)DOWNLOAD
07-09-2018ICE MAGIC-35 (26-08-2018 TO 01-09-2018)DOWNLOAD

 ICE Magic August 2018 PDF Download

Release Date     Description  Download Link
25-08-2018 ICE MAGIC-34 (19-08-2018 TO 25-08-2018)DOWNLOAD
20-08-2018ICE MAGIC-33 (12-08-2018 TO 18-08-2018)DOWNLOAD
14-08-2018ICE MAGIC-32 (05-08-2018 TO 11-08-2018)DOWNLOAD
06-08-2018ICE MAGIC-31(29-07-2018 TO 04-08-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic July 2018 PDF Download

Release Date   Description  Download Link
31-07-2018ICE MAGIC-30 (22-07-2018 TO 28-07-2018)DOWNLOAD
23-07-2018ICE MAGIC -29 (15-07-2018 TO 21-07-2018)DOWNLOAD
16-07-2018ICE MAGIC-28 (08-07-2018 TO 14-07-2018)DOWNLOAD
10-07-2018ICE MAGIC-27 (1-7-2018 TO 7-7-2018)DOWNLOAD
03-07-2018ICE MAGIC-26 (24-06-2018 TO 30-06-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic June 2018 PDF Download

Release Date     Description Download Link
26-06-2018 ICE MAGIC-25 (17-06-2018 TO 23-06-2018)  DOWNLOAD
19-06-2018ICE MAGIC-24 (10-06-2018 TO 16-06-2018)  DOWNLOAD
11-06-2018ICE MAGIC-23 (3-6-2018 TO 9-6-2018) DOWNLOAD
05-06-2018ICE MAGIC-22 (27-05-2018 TO 02-06-2018)  DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic May 2018 PDF Download

Release Date Description   Download Link
28-05-2018 ICE MAGIC-21 (20-05-2018 TO 26-05-2018)DOWNLOAD
21-05-2018ICE MAGIC-20 (13-05-2018 TO 19-05-2018)DOWNLOAD
14-05-2018ICE MAGIC-19 (06-05-2018 TO 12-05-2018)DOWNLOAD
07-05-2018 ICE MAGIC-18 (29-04-2018 TO 05-05-2018)  DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic April 2018 PDF Download

Release Date Description Download Link
28-04-2018 ICE MAGIC-17 (22-04-2018 TO 28-04-2018) DOWNLOAD
24-04-2018 ICE MAGIC-16 (15-04-2018 TO 21-04-2018) DOWNLOAD
16-04-2018 ICE MAGIC-15 (08-04-2018 TO 14-04-2018)DOWNLOAD
09-04-2018 ICE MAGIC-14 (01-04-2018 TO 07-04-2018)DOWNLOAD
02-04-2018ICE MAGIC-13 (25-03-2018 TO 31-03-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic March 2018 PDF Download

Release Date    Description Download Link
24-03-2018ICE MAGIC-12 (18-03-2018 TO 24-03-2018)DOWNLOAD
17-03-2018 ICE MAGIC-11 (11-03-2018 TO 17-03-2018)DOWNLOAD
12-03-2018 ICE MAGIC-10 (04-03-2018 TO 10-03-2018)DOWNLOAD
06-03-2018 ICE MAGIC-09 (25-02-2018 TO 03-03-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic February 2018 PDF Download

Release DateDescription Download Link
26-02-2018 ICE MAGIC-08 (18-02-2018 TO 24-02-2018)  DOWNLOAD
19-02-2018ICE MAGIC-07 (11-02-2018 TO 17-02-2018)  DOWNLOAD
12-02-2018 ICE MAGIC-6 (4/2/18 TO 10/2/218)  DOWNLOAD
06-02-2018 ICE MAGIC-5 (28/01/2018 TO 03/02/2018) DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic January 2018 PDF Download

Release Date     Description Download Link
30-01-2018ICE MAGIC-4 (21/01/2018 TO 27/01/2018)  DOWNLOAD
22-01-2018ICE MAGIC-3 (14-01-2018 TO 20-01-2018)  DOWNLOAD
15-01-2018ICE MAGIC-2 (07-01-2018 TO 13-01-2018)  DOWNLOAD
08-01-2018ICE MAGIC-1(01/01/2018 TO 06/01/2018)  DOWNLOAD

ICE Book PDF File Download

     ICE Book      Download Link
(1) ICE Rajkot Lauching Bharat Ni Bhgol Competitive ExamDOWNLOAD
(2) ICE Most IMP All Exam Usefull Computer PdfDOWNLOAD
(3) ICE Rajkot 4000 MCQ PdfDOWNLOAD
(4) ICE Computer Na Most IMP QuestionDOWNLOAD
(5) Most Imp ICE Model Paper Upcoming Revenue Talati Exam DOWNLOAD
(6) ICE Magic Current Affairs Budget 2019-20 DOWNLOAD
ICE Magic PDF File Download

I Think Below Given ICE Current Affairs PDF Will Helped You Lot In Preparation. We Will Keep Store This PDF Here For Your Future Download. Come Back Any Time And Download This PDF File For Free.

One Other Weekly Magazine Is Also Available On Our Site. Which Is Gujarat Rojgar Samachar, Simply Click Here And Download Latest Rojgar Samachar PDF File.

ICE Magic Current Affairs PDF Download

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