Gujarati Sahityakaro Pdf Materials

Gujarati Sahityakaro Pdf Materials

Gujarati Sahityakaro

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Narsinh Era (1450 AD – 1850 AD)
During the 15th century, Gujarati literature had come under the tremendous sway of the Bhakti movement, a popular cultural movement to liberate religion from entrenched priesthood. Narsinh Mehta (15th century) was the foremost poet of this era. His poems delineated a very saintly and mystical sense and bore an intense reflection of the philosophy of Advaita. Narsinh Mehta’s Govind Gaman, Surat Sangram, Sudama Charitra and Sringaramala are illustrations of this devotional poetry. Due to his poetic style, the works of contemporary and early poets were obscured.
Bhakti Era (15th–19th century)

During this age, Jain and Hindu poets created Gujarat literature in abundance. The prose and poetry created were aimed to inspire religion and worship. Hindu texts such as Gita, Mahabharata, Vedas, and Bhagwata became popular. There were also formations of prayers, Jain history, etc. During this period of the effect of the Bhakti Movement on Gujarati literature, the Ramayana, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yogavashistha and the Panchatantra were all translated into Gujarati. This period also practiced the colossal Puranic revival, which led to the rapid growth and development of devotional poetry in Gujarati literature. This era is divided into two traditions, Sagun Bhakti tradition and Nirgun Bhakti tradition.

Medieval literature

During this period, the poetry subject the literary activities. As Rasas written by Jain monks were a type of narrative poetry, Akhyanas are careful as their literary descendants which reached their glory in this period. Garbo and Garbi poetry related with dance were established as well as phagu and Barmasi genres depicting seasons. The types of pada: prabhatiya, dhol, kafi and chabkha were created. So the singable poetry, a tradition genetic from Apabhramsa, developed and dominated in the period.

જૈન સંપ્રદાય અને વિદ્વાન હેમકન્દ્રચાર્ય પ્રકૃતિ અને અપભ્રમશ વ્યાકરણના પ્રારંભિક વિદ્વાનોમાંના એક હતા. તેમણે અનિલિવારાના ચૌલુક્ય રાજા જયસિમ્મા સિદ્ધરાજના શાસનકાળ દરમિયાન અંગ્રેજી ભાષાના હર્બીંગર તરીકે ‘ગ્રામરિયન સિદ્ધાંતો’ નો ઔપચારિક સમૂહ લખ્યો હતો.

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