Gujarat Ni Lok-sanskruti Granth Nirman Board PDF Download

Gujarat Ni Lok-sanskruti Granth Nirman Board PDF Download

Gujarat Ni Lok-sanskruti Granth Nirman Board PDF Download

Gujarat Ni Lok-sanskruti Granth Nirman Board PDF Download

Gujarat Ni Lok-sanskruti Granth Nirman Board PDF Download

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ગરવી ગુજરાતનું લોકજીવન એટલે કલાસંસ્કૃતિ,વૈભવ અને વારસાનો અનોખો સંગમ.ગુજરાતની લોકસાંસ્કૃતિક વિરાસત અમૂલ્ય છે,જેનાથી આપણે વાકેફ હોઇએ એ આવશ્યક છે.આજે દેશ વિદેશના લોકો પણ આપણી આ સંસ્કૃતિનો પરિચય મેળવવા ગુજરાતના પ્રવાસે આવતા હોય છે ત્યારે આપણે ખુદ જ આપણી આ ધરોહર વિશેની માહિતીથી અજાણ હોઇએ તો કેવું લાગે ?

આ પ્રશ્નના જવાબ રૂપે શ્રી જોરાવરસિંહ જાદવ દ્વારા લિખિત પુસ્તક  ‘ગુજરાતની લોકસાંસ્કૃતિક વિરાસત’ માંથી દૂર્લભ એવી આ માહિતી -આપણી આવનારી પેઢીને આ વારસાથી અવગત કરાવવા માટે …..

Gujarat is a very important state of India. Kutch, Saurashtra and Gujarat are its territorial cultural organs. Their folk culture and literature is in agreement with Rajasthan, Sindh and Punjab, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. In this state of vast seashore, many foreign tribes have settled permanently after coming from the sea and before

the beginning of the history era. After this, there are twenty-eight tribal castes in Gujarat. Due to such diversity of public society, this state has got the benefit of different types of folk cultures. Gujarat: In this book titled Public culture and literature, this state and its habitat, archaeological and mythology, religion and folk beliefs, traditions and customs, festivals and festivals, diverse languages ​​and their dialects of tradition, folk music and instrumental, folk Paint art and skill have been introduced.

Writer Hsu Yagic is a writer of novelist, storyteller, musician, medieval fiction and folk tradition. He has been retired at the age of twenty-two years as a teacher of Gujarati language and

fourteen years as the secretary of Gujarat Language Academy. His twenty novels, seven story collections, five medieval fiction literature, seven folk literature and five musical books have been published.

Shietle (America) and in World Conferences held in Venice, in the Shruti tradition of Gujarati, the research papers related to Krishna Charit, Ram Katha and Sarju Ghans have been published.

Translators Jagdish Chandrakesh is a reputed writer, editor, translator of Hindi. They have a keen interest in history and art culture. Many of his works (written / translated) are published and acclaimed.

To get acquainted with the linguistic culture of a linguistic area, it is important to know the geography of the residential area of ​​the speakers of that language or languages,

the history and traditions of the various ethnic groups living in that area.

Folk culture is the property of the geographical area of ​​the local linguists, which remains in the traditions of the people of that region.

If you look at the history of any nation or state of the world, it will be known that its history has been created by its geography. Areas living in different languages ​​and their different castes are different and independent like a nation or state. When they are attacked by neighboring areas or nations,

and when these attacks stop, mutual cultural exchanges between them begin. In addition to languages, social, With the exchange of economic and art skills, a social-mixed and

combined civilization and culture is born different from the caste or regional traditions. After this, a broad and distinct regional culture of those neighboring countries and their different castes comes up. Both cultures come together and come under a big umbrella.

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