Comma (,)

Comma (,)

Comma (,)

Comma (,)

Comma (,)

Description of Comma:  A comma is used in the course of, and by no means on the finish of a sentence.

Above all, That is achieved to make the sentence is full, and likewise clearer, particularly to separate objects in a listing. Nevertheless, overusing commas can complicate a sentence, or render it meaningless.

However, A comma is necessary to keep away from any chance of confusion a sentence as the next instance exhibits:

  • Whereas my father was consuming my mom was ingesting.
  • (With out the comma, it seems my father was consuming my mom.)
  • Whereas my father was consuming, my mom was consuming.

 (1) A comma is used to separate:

phrases in a listing.
  • I noticed panda bears, porcupines, lions, and tigers in my dream final night time.
  • I met her dad and mom, uncles, aunties, cousins, brothers, sisters, and pet canine.
a couple of adjective that modifies a noun.
  • The brief, puny man was a comic.
names and titles.
  • Mr. Hillyholly, the Common Supervisor of our firm.

 (2) A comma is used to separate:

components of an deal with.
  • 999, Downing Road, Kingston
cities and states / provinces, states / provinces and nations
  • Montana, USA
objects in dates, that’s day of week from the date, and day of month from the yr
  • He’s marrying on Tuesday, 1st April.
  • The explosion occurred on twenty ninth February, 2000.
  • It occurred on September eleven, 2001.
numbers that exceed three digits
  • 2,000 / 20,000 / 200,000 / 2,000,000

 A comma is used after:

the title of the particular person spoken to or straight addressed.
  • Jane, let me present you the best way to do it.
exclamations and expressions.
  • Oh no, it may well’t be true.
  • Properly, all I can say is it is a waste of cash.
greetings and closings in a proper letter.
  • Expensive Princess Diana, / Yours sincerely / Yours really
such phrases or phrases: in fact, due to this fact, for instance, nevertheless, furthermore, and so on. to start a sentence.
In fact, you’re at all times proper.
  • Furthermore, the hire is excessive, and the placement is just not excellent.
a phrase that begins a sentence.
  • From the tunnel, it took the prepare one other hour to succeed in our vacation spot. (Prepositional phrase)
  • Attracted by the brightly-colored flowers on sale, we determined to have a more in-depth look. (Participial phrase)
a subordinate clause.
  • After they noticed me, they pretended they did not know me.

 A comma is used to set off interrupting phrases, which could be: 

an expression.
  • The cheetah, do not you recognize, is the quickest animal on the planet.
a clause.
  • The person, who lives subsequent door, has been a circus clown for twenty-5 years. (Relative clause)
  • Yesterday as I used to be jogging within the park, I noticed what seemed like a black baboon. (Subordinate clause)
a nonrestrictive clause.
  • Conventional Indian dishes, that are my all-time favourites, can be found on this restaurant.
an appositive.
  • Her sister, a widely known eye surgeon, was admitted for eye surgical procedure.
  • An insomniac, my grandfather goes to mattress when others stand up to go to work.
a direct citation.
  • He stated, “I consider the world is flat.”
  • “This city’s historical past,” he mentioned, “goes again to Roman instances.”

 A comma in a compound sentence.

Usually, the place there are two unbiased clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction a comma is used. 

Therefore, The 2 clauses collectively type a compound sentence also. Earlier than the coordinating conjunction the comma is used also.

  • Jack is washing the automotive, and Jill is washing the dishes.
  • He doesn’t know how you can swim, however his spouse does.