Exclamation Mark (!)

By | April 14, 2019

Exclamation Mark (!)

Exclamation Mark (!)

Exclamation Mark (!)

Definition of Exclamatory Marks: An exclamatory mark is a punctuation mark that’s used to point out an exclamation.

Although It’s used after a spoken phrase, sound, or phrase that expresses a sudden or robust feeling reminiscent of shock, anger, worry, ache or pleasure.

It’s additionally used to provide an order or to inform somebody to do one thing in a forceful method. In Short The exclamation mark is used on the finish of an exclamatory sentence.

In Other Words, Graphically a full stop level with a vertical line represents the exclamation mark.

And One concept of its origin is that it’s derived from 

a Latin exclamation of pleasure (io) also.

Medieval copyists wrote the Latin phrase io on the finish of a sentence to point pleasure. The phrase io meant “hurray”. Over time, then I moved above the o, and the o grew to become smaller, changing to some extent.

The exclamation mark was first launched into English printing within the fifteenth century to indicate emphasis, and was known as the “signal of admiration or exclamation” or the “notice of admiration” till the mid-seventeenth century; admiration referred to its Latin sense of wonderment.

  • He is right here! He is right here!
  • We received! We gained!
  • Quiet over there!
  • Oh gosh, what an entire waste of my time!
  • Sit over there and be quiet for as many hours as you’ll be able to!