Evm Ni Sathe Vvpat Sleep Ganva Babat Highcourt Ma Rit

Evm Ni Sathe Vvpat Sleep Ganva Babat Highcourt Ma Rit

Evm Ni Sathe Vvpat Sleep Ganva Babat Highcourt Ma Rit

Evm Ni Sathe Vvpat Sleep Ganva Babat Highcourt Ma Rit

The Election Commission recently received a memorandum from 16 political parties demanding that the paper ballot system be reintroduced for greater transparency during elections. Amid protests by Opposition parties against EVMs without paper trail units, there has been a call for procurement of VVPAT (voter verifiable paper audit trail) machines for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The BSP, the AAP and the Congress have alleged that of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) took place during the recent Assembly Elections.

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What are VVPAT machines?.

The Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail is a method that provides feedback through voters. It is an independent verification printer machine and is

attached through electronic voting machines. It allows voters toward verify if their vote has gone toward the intended candidate.

How be VVPAT machines work?.

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It allows the voter through verify his/her choice. After being visible toward the voter from a glass case in the VVPAT for seven seconds, the ballot slip will

live cut and dropped to the drop box in

the VVPAT machine and a beep will be heard. VVPAT machines can do accessed by polling officers only. The slip contains the poll symbol and name of the candidate.When a voter

presses a button in the EVM, a paper slip is printed toward the VVPAT.

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